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Root and nerve treatment

The roots and nerves of the teeth are treated during one session with advanced techniques using the Zumax microscope, which ensures high accuracy in treatment and guaranteed results. Bright Dent is one of the few centers in the Middle East that uses these cutting-edge technologies.

Prosthodontics and dental implants

At Bright Dent Clinics, we pay special attention to dental implants, using advanced European systems that are considered the best in the world based on Saudi consultants with great qualifications and experience, and our dental implants are characterized by a high success rate of more than 96% based on studies and scientific research of the systems used by us.

Cosmetic dentistry

Our services include providing the latest methods in teeth whitening and beautification to suit the needs of each person based on accurate studies that ensure the best medical and cosmetic results.

Maxillofacial surgery

The center deals with all cases of oral surgery through specialized consultants who hold specialization and fellowship in oral and maxillofacial surgery to ensure the reduction of complications associated with surgical treatment and to deal with all cases associated with a history of illness or chronic diseases in proportion to each case.

Pediatric Dentistry

Dealing with children in the dental clinic requires specialization and experience to ensure an enjoyable experience for the child in the dental clinic and avoid the negative reaction that may last with him for life. The center includes consultant cadres in the specialty of pediatric dentistry who work in a pleasant and child-friendly environment to ensure a good experience in the dental clinic.


The center offers all types of orthodontics (transparent, hidden, invisalign), which are based on specialized consultants with high experience to ensure good results and avoid all side effects that many orthodontists overlook.

Oral and dental health care

The center includes a clinic specialized in oral and dental care that provides dental cleaning and oral health care services, in addition to awareness and education on proper methods of oral and dental care, these services are carried out by oral and dental health specialists.

Hollywood smile

The smile is designed based on sizes that suit each situation to ensure an attractive smile and natural-looking teeth. German E-max materials are also used with their high quality, which are based on specialized and qualified technicians, with certificates specialized in cosmetic dentistry.

Treatment of gum disease

Treatment of gum disease is just as important as dental treatment, especially in the advanced stages of life, or those who have chronic diseases such as diabetes and patients with kidney failure. The center pays great attention to the treatment of periodontal disease through highly experienced consultants specialized in periodontology.

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Innovative transparent orthodontics

The treatment is done with transparent sleeves that are changed every week and can make changes in the position of the teeth without being noticed and look like you are wearing a brace, showing shine only on the teeth.

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Bright Dent is the best medical gathering for the best dentists from the American Board campaign.

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