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Care Guide and use of removable dental prostheses

First of all, you should know that removable dental prostheses are not and will not be like natural teeth, but with a little patience, cooperation and practice, you will be able to use them and handle them comfortably.

1. Adjustment period:

The adaptation period to the new kit takes about 4 weeks. You are expected to suffer from too much saliva in the mouth, which is stimulated by the presence of the new dental prosthesis. The salivary glands quickly adapt to the presence of dentures and resume their normal production.

During this adaptation period you may experience the following:-

  • Pain in some areas of the mouth .
  • Difficulty eating and talking.
    Move the tooth
  • composition in the mouth.
  • Inadvertently biting the cheek or lips.

Removable dental prostheses!

General instructions for dealing with removable dental prosthesis:


Denture displacement

Biting your front teeth will displace the dentures, try using your back teeth and biting food using the corners of your mouth.



Opening your mouth excessively displaces the dentures, reduce yawning while placing your palm on your chin.


Chewing food

Eating small bites of food, and trying to chew food on both sides of your mouth at the same time, this will reduce the inclination and movement of the composition in the mouth.


Adjustments to painful points

All new dentures require some modification, adjustments will be made to painful points and other changes in the scheduled modification dates, if there are some areas or painful pimples, it is preferable to stop the dentures and wait for the scheduled visit to make the necessary adjustments.


Installation of dentures

The lower denture must be inserted first, followed by the upper dentures.

How to care for the mobile composition:

How to care for a removable dental formula:

  1. The dental prosthesis should be removed every night, and do not sleep with the prosthesis, because moving the prosthesis during sleep can be dangerous.
  2. Your dentures should be removed and rinsed after each meal as well as thoroughly rinsed before using the formula again.
  3. To clean the tooth composition, it should be thoroughly washed with water and toothbrushes (without toothpaste) can be used to clean the dental area. 

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